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When ordering please specify if you would like your drink

HOT ,  ICED,  or BLENDED.  And if you would like Whipped Cream!  🙂

Try a “Rainbow Red Bull” 32oz. $9.00

Drinks  16oz  20oz 24oz  (32 oz add $1.50)                            

Latte’       $5.00   $5.25   $5.75

Sauce Flavors:

Caramel, Mocha, White Mocha  (also available in Sugar Free)

Syrup Flavors: (*available in Sugar Free)

*Almond, Amaretto, Banana, Blueberry, Blue Raspberry, Butter Pecan, *Butterscotch, Caramel, Cherry,  Cinnamon,

Coconut, English Toffee, *Hazelnut, Huckleberry, *Irish Cream, *Jamaican Rum, Kahlua, Orange, *Peppermint,

*Pumpkin Pie, *Red Raspberry, *Strawberry, *Toasted Marshmallow,  *Vanilla Bean.

Extra Shot Espresso  1.25

*House Special Lockwood Latte’:  Caramel and Toasted Marshmallow

Milk Options:

Breve’ (add $1.50)

Almond Milk (add $1.50)

Coconut Milk (add $1.50)

Soy Milk (add $1.50)

Macadamia Milk ( add 2.00)

Add Whipped Cream .75

Mocha      $5.50   $6.00   $6.50

Macchiatto    $5.25  $5.75  $6.50

(Macchiatto:  Vanilla Latte’ with Caramel drizzled on top)

Cappuccino    $5.00  $5.50  $6.00

Chai Tea Latte’   $5.75  $6.25  $7.00

Flavors:  Tiger Spice,  Decaf Tiger Spice,  Sugar Free Vanilla,

Vanilla,  Pumpkin, Maple,  Green Chai Tea, White

(Dirty Chai add .75)

Hot Chocolate    $4.50  $5.00  $5.50

Frappe      $5.75   $6.25   $6.75

All Frappes come with one shot, Extra shot add 1.25

Flavor:  Mocha, White Mocha, Heath Mocha, Coffee, Carmel, Vanilla, Red Velvet

Kid Friendly Flavors (caffeine free):  Strawberry,  Bubble Gum,  Cotton Candy,  Pistachio

Add Whipped Cream .75

Fit Frappe    $6.00  $6.50  $7.00

20 Grams Protein, Zero Sugar, 11 Carbs

Chocolate or Vanilla

Italian Soda   $4.25  $4.75  $5.25

Add Cream .50

Syrup Flavors:

(*Available in Sugar Free)

*Almond, Amaretto, Blueberry, Blue Raspberry, *Butterscotch, Butter Pecan, Cherry,  Cinnamon, English Toffee,

*Hazelnut,*Irish Cream,  *Jamaican Rum, Kalua,  Orange,  *Peppermint,  *Pumpkin Pie, *Red Raspberry,

*Salted Caramel,*Strawberry, *Toasted Marshmallow,  *Vanilla Bean.

Add Whipped Cream .75

Red Bull Italian   $6.25  $6.75  $7.25

Add Whipped Cream .75

Smoothie    $5.75   $6.25  $7.75

Add Whipped Cream .75

Flavors:  Blueberry Pomegranate,  Green Apple,  Lemonade,

Mango,  Pineapple, Peach,  Strawberry/Banana, Wildberry

Add Whipped Cream:  .75

Americano     $4.25  $4.50  $4.75

Brewed     $3.25  $3.75  $4.25

Tea (Hot or Iced)  $4.00  $4.50  $5.00


Alpine Berry,  Blueberry Hibiscus,  Chamomile Medley,  Earl Grey,  Citrus Green,

Jade Cloud, Mango, Orange Spice,  Peppermint, Tangerine Ginger, Black

Canned Soda $2.00

Mountain Dew

Diet Mountain Dew


Diet Coke


Diet Pepsi